November 6–8, 2009
Wrocław, Poland


The contest will take place in the building of the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Wrocław. This is its view from Polaka Street:

Institute of Computer Science, rear view

The main entrance is located there, even though it appears to be a bit at the back. The “real” front of the building can be seen on the picture below. It is taken from Fryderyka Joliot-Curie Str., which runs along the bank of the Odra river:

Institute of Computer Science, front view

The formal address of the Institute is:

ul. Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 15

This is the official address, but it is seldom used and most of taxi drivers will not know where the street is. Moreover it can be easily mistaken with another street named after Fryderyk Joliot-Curie's mother in law. Thus it is worth to remember that the Institute is located just next to the north end of Grunwaldzki Bridge, which is one of the Wrocław landmarks, and that its car parking and main entrace open to Polaka Str.

The building is quite new and does not yet appear on common street maps, in particular in Google, which, when asked about the address of the institute mistakenly points to the neighbouring building of the Chemistry Department located at Joliot-Curie 14:

To help you locate our building we took a photo of it and its surroundings. Take a look at another photo as well and its full version, taken in different weather conditions. The weather will likely be the same or slightly better in the day of the contest. Here is another picture taken from a different angle.

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