November 6–8, 2009
Wrocław, Poland


We negotiated special prices for CEPC'09 participants with two Wrocław hotels. They agreed to keep blocks of rooms for you till the deadlines stated below. So please book your room before these dates, as we cannot guarantee there are free rooms there after the deadlines. And even if there are, the price will be (much) higher. To book a room you should contact the hotel and make reservation and payment on your own.

The partner hotels are:

Silfor Premium Europejski Hotel ***, ul. Piłsudskiego 88

Located just in front of the railway station:

We reserved 12 single rooms (special price is 219 zł) and 38 double rooms (special price is 249 zł) and 5 apartments, i.e. higher standard 3-person rooms, (special price is 319 zł). Breakfast included. There is a bathroom, phone, and TV-SAT in each room.

To book a room in Hotel Europejski please send an e-mail message to rezerwacje@cohm.pl with your name, the number of rooms (not beds) you book, the password "INSTYTUT INFORMATYKI", reservation number 1745. You can also call +48 71 793 13 51. The deadline for booking is October 8, 2009. In case of trouble you should mention "Beata Rusiecka" as the person who made the reservation.
Campanile Hotel ***, ul. Władysława  Jagiełły 7

Located near the Old City, 5 minutes walk to the City Square

About 20 minutes walk to the Institute of Computer Science, and about 5 minutes to the strict city center. Belongs to an international French chain and offers expected standard. We reserved 30 double rooms (special price is 240 zł). Breakfast included.

For details of booking a room in Campanile Hotel please send an e-mail to wroclaw@campanile.com.pl with password "CEPC 2009" and ask for reservation out of the pre-booked pool. Again, in case of some problems or misunderstandings, please mention "Beata Rusiecka" as the person who made the reservation. You can also call +48 71 326 78 00. The deadline for booking is October 5 2009.
The hotel offers guarded parking places at additional price of 20 zł per day.

Both hotels will most probably ask you for your credit card number as a guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the offers presented above, feel free to choose any other hotel in Wrocław. In particular if you prefer a cheap hostel (be warned though that quality drops much faster than price), try for example:

Dom Wycieczkowy “Piast”, ul. Piłsudskiego 98
Located in front of the railway station, close to Hotel Europejski, it even belongs to the same owner. It has been used for years to accommodate participants of Lower Silesian regionals of Polish Olympics in Informatics.
Nathan's Villa Hostel, ul. Świdnicka 13
Centrum Hostel, ul. Św. Mikołaja 16/17
Hiway Hostel, ul. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 9/4
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