November 6–8, 2009
Wrocław, Poland


December, 9
Solutions' sketches have been added.
November, 19
Pictures in high resolution have beed added in the gallery page.
November, 17
An animation illustrating the evolution of standingss has been added.
November, 12
A video relation from the award ceremony has been added
Test problems have been added.
November, 12
Problems page has been added. Can you beat the contestants?
Photo galleries are now complete.
November, 8
Photo galleries page has been added.
The online ranking (including high school teams) is available. It is frozen one hour before the end of the competition.
November, 6
Information about Award Ceremony has been added
Preliminary Schedule was changed to Schedule
November, 4
Checklist page has been added. Please check it!
Information about leisure time (visit to aquapark) has been added.
Exchange rates have been added.
November, 3
The list of supported languages (C/C++, Java, Pasacal) was announced.
October, 26
Sponsors and Media partners pages were updated (thank you for your support!).
October, 23
The list of accepted teams has been published.
October, 22
New data about Invoices has been added.
October, 13
The Invoices page has been added.
October 5
The Technical rules page has been added.
The General rules page has been added.
The Travel hints page has been added.
September 16
Details concerning fees and accommodation were published.
June 8
The date of the contest and some deadlines have been fixed.
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